What is HYPAR

HYPAR (Helping Young People At Risk)* was established  in 2008, with the aim of providing male mentoring, support and respite for males aged 6 to 30 years, who have complex needs and challenging behaviour.

We work within a strengths-based approach and aim to provide positive male role models for male youth, particularly for those who may have lacked such positive influences in their lives.

We endeavour to provide consistency of support, in that each client is matched to one youth worker, who works with the client on an ongoing basis. It is hoped that this will facilitate the development of a trusting relationship between client and worker.

We encourage supportive partnerships, confidence, independence and resilience undertaking activities such as abseiling, kayaking, mountain biking and hiking.

We provide residential care catering to individual needs in a respectful, safe and supportive environment.

The service does not involve formal counselling, but we do find that our support sometimes acts as a stepping stone for clients who may then go on to access professional therapeutic services.

HYPAR utilises the latest scientifically validated approaches to engage with clients—ensuring the best possible outcomes. It does not follow a strict program but rather builds trusting relationships between HYPAR staff and clients, in a safe supportive environment, with a pace of interaction that is guided by the needs of the client. HYPAR follows a “bottom-up” approach in its service, meaning it always focuses on safety first (physical and emotional) and aims to establish a long-term (predictable) safe environment. This forms the basis for clients to develop other capacities – self-care, personal wellness, social interaction and eventually effective social integration.

To learn more about the HYPAR model of Care please click on the download link below.

HYPAR Comprehensive Developmental Model of Care (2017)


* HYPAR Pty Ltd is a privately owned and operated Queensland organisation.