Based on HYPAR’S

Model of care & therapeutic approach:

1. Valuing the individual

2. Awareness of trauma,
attachment and developmental needs

3. Understanding of personal difficulties,
adverse situations, behaviour and deeper quality of life

4. Attunement and role modelling resilience

5. Encouragement

6. Relationships

7. Participating in community

8. Leadership

9. Neurobiological underpinnings

10. Holistic focus toward a good life


HYPAR provides activities for young people seeking interesting and accessible leisure and recreational adventures including abseiling, kayaking, mountain biking and hiking.

Surprise yourself by pushing your limits and engaging in a safe environment. Take advantage of supportive and enjoyable group interactions. Benefit from fun and exciting leadership skills-based activities. Strengthen your personal satisfaction through a connection to your self and a genuine connection with others.



Based on HYPAR’s therapeutic model of care, you will benefit from our nurturing take on outdoor, self-paced and adventure-based activities. We tailor and accommodate to the specific needs of individuals in our groups. We promote therapeutic and adventurous experiences that are important to an individual’s journey. Move steadily with a focus on self-development and freedom of expression.

Youths and older individuals who experience trauma responses resulting from adverse life events, are provided with opportunities to establish a better sense of their own direction, and closer movement toward wellbeing. Individuals can gradually build connections with others, whist developing relationship and leadership skills.


Fresh and adrenaline based experiences and settings to base your corporate team building activities or workplace celebrations. Whilst developing and strengthening, benefit from HYPAR’s therapeutic approach.

Take a sensory journey and lift your skills to new heights. Connect authentically and interact differently with those you spend much of your time with. Work together on shared goals, and enjoy interesting activities and interaction with nature.


Outdoor based activities relate to a variety of research-based outcomes and positive benefits including: physical and psychological health and wellbeing, connection with nature, psychosocial and spiritual development.

Other benefits may include individual self-efficacy, intellectual flexibility, personal development and relationship skills. Outdoor activities offer a unique way to structure trauma based interventions. These activities can also support, strengthen and uplift individuals in terms of their resilience including people with trauma histories.

(Australian Outdoor Adventure Activity Benefits Catalogue, 2008; Boxer and Sloan-Power 2013, Burton, Cooper, Feeney, & Zoellner, 2015, Tucker, Javorski, Tracy, & Beale, 2013; VanKanegan, 2016; Ewert & Yoshino 2011).

Psychologically based support  for productivity, emotional  development and well being:

Therapeutically based: Any service from HYPAR is provided from a place of connection, relationship and trust. We provide therapeutically based activities on the premise that: fun, rapport, support, psychological and physical safety, must be at the basis of anything we do.

Individual: Self-paced activities in a supportive environment sets the basis for you to develop your “best self” in a non-threatening way. This helps to establish personal strength, resilience and autonomy.

Community: Being at your “best self” allows you to share this with others. This may relate to the people in your life, your workplace or those in your community. It is from this good place that sets the basis for: better interactions with others, further contributions to shared goals and enhanced group connections. From here, other benefits can include genuine connections with others, improved relationships or even team outcomes. This is important within the highly technological, fast paced and busy lives we often experience.


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50% of all net profit goes towards support young people in community that cannot access funding for supports

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