Residential Care

Residential care for young boys in the care of the department, more information coming soon

HYPAR (Helping Young People At Risk) utilises the latest scientifically validated approaches to engage with clients—ensuring the best possible outcomes. It does not follow a strict program but rather builds trusting relationships between HYPAR staff and clients, in a safe supportive environment, with a pace of interaction that is guided by the needs of the client. HYPAR follows a “bottom-up” approach in its service, meaning it always focuses on safety first (physical and emotional) and aims to establish a long-term (predictable) safe environment. This forms the basis for clients to develop other capacities – self-care, personal wellness, social interaction and eventually effective social integration.

To learn more about the HYPAR model of Care please click on the download link below.

HYPAR Comprehensive Developmental Model of Care (2017)