Our Services

Our services include

Mentoring: This service is for young males and men in the general community, foster care, residential care or Disabilities Services (NDIS) who have not had a male or positive male role models in their life. We are here to provide support and guidance from a caring male that by creating a positive, healthy relationship. HYPAR can support young men in a number of activities, life skill developments, community engagement and relationship building. 

Respite: This service is for parents or carers who might be in difficult situations that are at risk of breaking down or carer fatigue is apparent within home environment. We can provide male mentors who provide some respite while mentoring the young person in the community or in home if needed. This would include young men and male youth with a disability, behaviour concerns, mental mealth disorders and in the care of the department Child Safety.

Disability Support: This service is for young males or youth with a disability which may be Asperger’s, acquired brain injury, or a mental health disorder that has become debilitating. This service could include respite, in home support, community access and life skills assistance.

Emergency support 48-hrs only: This service is for male youth and young men that might be in a crisis situation requiring a maximum of two (2) nights support until other arrangement’s can be made. This service is for Child Safety and Disability Services only. This support must be 24-hr awake shift given the nature of the work and there will be a call out fee and set up fee for this service.

Case Management:
– Navigation role designed to help the young person to have a good life across a variety of domains in life (health, recreation, vocation, relationships).
– Facilitating the achievement of client goals through assessment/ awareness of their hopes, their ability to choose, their interests, desires and to support this in a way that is reasonable and determined on available resources in the client’s plan.
– Focus on day to day (basic to complex goals) which are short/ medium or longer term in their focus
– Focus on the client’s overall plan, administrative components of the work, the outcomes and progress achieved, awareness of milestones achieved and keeping within client/ business budget.

Support Coordination: This service is mostly relevant for NDIS consumers or supports that are more than 20-hrs a week for other services and clients. This service includes rostering, client and team member matching, monitoring and weekly management of the supports.

If you would like to find out more about our services and get a quote please contact us on (07) 3285 6807 or send us an email at admin@hypar.com.au 

Disclaimer: All services listed above are quoted independently of each other and itemised on your invoice. The cost of each service does not include another e.g. if you purchase 20-hrs of mentoring you will be also charged a Co-ordination fee relevant to the hours worked and if case management is required that will be quoted as a separate service and itemised on your invoice.