Why choose us

HYPAR strives to provide a unique, high quality service, as evidenced by:

  • providing one consistent worker for each client (facilitating the development of a trusting, healing relationship between client and worker)
  • training our staff, not only in the basics, but in specialised areas such as trauma and attachment, working with autism, client engagement strategies
  • supporting our staff with regular supervision sessions and ongoing professional development plans
  • performing  client intakes, enabling the communication of valuable background information and giving Mentors/support workers an idea of the unique context that each client comes from
  • consulting with a counsellor / psychologist for confidential help with complex situations
  • providing a holistic service by consulting with other mental health professionals when needed (e.g., attending stakeholder meetings, contributing to care plans)
  • focusing on developing a healthy male to male  relationship with clients
  • supporting clients to access community resources, facilitated by our knowledge of the local area and professional networks
  • encouraging confidence, independence and resilience undertaking activities such as abseiling, kayaking, mountain biking and hiking